Every day when I leave school I ask myself this same question:

'Have I made a difference today?'


It's a very simple question, but one which often generates some thoughtful and revealing answers.

At Dove House we're guided by this simple question. In fact, everything the school does is designed to make a difference to our children and their families.

This website has been created to help answer the questions many parents ask when they first visit our school, and so I hope that it will answer some of yours.

More importantly, I hope it will inspire you to ask many more.   If it does, do please contact the school office, and continue your own discovery of what the Dove House experience is all about.



Mr Tom Pegler

Head Teacher




Mission Statement: Making a Difference


In partnership with the parents and the community, our aim is to make a positive difference to the lives of all the pupils in the school.



    Aims for pupils:

  •      * To develop their knowledge, skills, experience and imagination to their maximum.
  •      * To be able, by the end of their school careers, to take a full and active part in society as independently as possible.

     * To grow into a well rounded young adult, able to live as independantly as possible.

     * To take the lead in living an inspirational happy life. 


        Aims for Teaching and Learning:

        * To provide educational experiences which are more effective than that offered in a mainstream school for children with learning difficulties.

        * To provide learning situations and tasks which are stimulating, informative, planned and relevant.
        * To minimise the effect of, or compensate for any disabilities.
        * To provide a curriculum which goes beyond the classroom and prepares the pupil for the adult world of work, leisure and potential parenthood.



        Aims for the School:

        * To be a place in which the children feel confident, safe and secure.
        * To be a place where the pupils and their parents feel individually known and with which they are proud to be connected.
        * To be an organisation, which is highly regarded and valued by the pupils, parents and the community to be an environment in which it is a    

           pleasure to work.



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