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Key Stage 3

In Year 8, dependent upon a particular pupils' needs, small groups of pupils will be withdrawn from tutor time on a rotational basis, to attend specialist sessions in 'Emotional Literacy', 'Social Competence' or 'Reading Skills' .  All remaining Key Stage 3 pupils that are not accessing any of the above programmes will be following the 'Literacy and Numeracy Programme'.




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Key Stage 4

Year 10 pupils follow the 'Literacy and Numeracy Programme'. 

Year 11 pupils at this time will have the opportunity, with tutors,

 to complete tasks pertinent to Year 11 only, for example collating records of achievement and preparing personal statements. Both year groups follow the 'Key Stage 4 Tutor Programme' written collectively by the Key Stage 4 tutor team and delivered by tutors. As part of this programme, on a rotational basis, pupils may be withdrawn into smaller groups to access differentiated sex, relationships and drugs education.


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Whole School Extra Curricular

We offer a wide range of Extra Curricular activities available to any pupil across the school including a wide range of clubs.



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